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Gentleman of Integrity 

The Gentlemen of Integrity Men's Fellowship focuses on building and strengthening male relationships, motivating men to pursue the things of God and fulfilling their purpose in God , and developing Godly characteristics.

The ministry focuses on having a Christ like lifestyle, husbandry, fatherhood, leadership, and personal growth 

Love Never Fails

Marriage Sessions 

The Marriage Ministry at Soteria Christian Center empowers couples to have Godly marriages. The mission of the ministry is for married couples to gain an understanding of what the Bible says about marriage; fulfill the roles that God intends for husbands and wives; improve intimacy and commitment in marriage relationships; and to secure all of the promises of God to the glory of God.

Our marriage sessions are for couples desiring to be married, married couples who want to enhance their marriages, and couples who are experiencing difficulties and want to be transformed. Our sessions are fun, educational, and life changing. 


Youth Church 

Soteria Youth Squad is the dynamic youth ministry where children come to learn about God, grow in their faith, and have fun! In their own building, children are free to express their love for God in an environment that is safe and encouraging. The kids learn about God through games, bible skills, rap sessions, and creative arts.

Youth Ministries consists of Servants of Christ, Youth Praise Team, and Youth Praise Dancers.

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