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Meet Our Pastors

The Avery's were joined in marriage July 1988.  After a year of marriage, Pastor Lisa gave her life to Jesus Christ. Pastor Eric was skeletal about his wife's transformation and continued to indulge in a lifestyle that included drugs. It took a near-fatal car accident to open Pastor Eric's eyes the love Christ has for him. Pastor Eric gave his life to Christ in 1995.


As Pastor Eric grew in his relationship, God reveled to him his called to Pastor. The Avery's are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters, Erica, Latisha, Mykisha, and Destiny.  

Pastor Eric 

Pastor Eric accepted the call and served faithfully in all areas of ministry in the church. Delivering the truth of God’s word with humor, simplicity, and power, he was ultimately ordained an Elder at Word Alive Christian Center in 2001.  In April 2002, Bishop Frederick Brown ordained Pastor Eric under the ministry of the Communion of Covenant Ministries International in Bluefield, WV.


Pastor Eric is a member of the following:

* Association of Independent Ministries (A.I.M.) under the leadership of Dr. I.V. Hilliard
*  The Excellence in Ministry Network (E.I.M.) under Dr. James Peirce in 2006 
* And studied at Azusa Ministry Training Institute for two years.


Pastor Lisa

In 1989 Pastor Lisa gave her life to Christ. As the Word of God grew in her heart, it became evident that God had a call on her life.  She really could not see how God could use a timid, unassuming, young woman to proclaim the gospel.  None the less, she believed God.


Pastor Lisa faithfully attended and served in her local church while attending Jericho Bible College in Landover, MD.  In 1998, Pastor Lisa ministered for the first time in Bluefield, WV.  In April 2002, Bishop Frederick Brown ordained Pastor Lisa under the ministry of Communion of Covenant Ministries International. The Word of God transformed her into a powerful, purposeful woman who preaches and teaches the Word with boldness and confidence. God has equipped her with the anointing to restore relationships and the body of Christ as a whole. She is also the Founder of “Praying Ladies of Soteria”, a woman’s group who calls themselves “PLS”.


Her Testimony 

In 2012, Pastor Lisa miraculously discovered a lump in her breast that would have never been detected by mammogram testing. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, Pastor Lisa believed that God would heal her of this disease. The cancer was successfully removed from her body; however, chemotherapy was recommended to prevent the cancer from returning. The doctors and nurses tried to prepare Pastor Lisa for the ravage that the chemotherapy would do on her body, but she believed the word of the Lord when God told her that He would elevate her over all the side effects of the chemo.


For five long months while she was taking chemo, Pastor Lisa continued to preach the Gospel. The doctors, nurses, and other cancer patients couldn’t believe it, but Pastor Lisa did not suffer or exhibit the signs of the treatment. She had faith that God would be faithful to his Word, and He was.


Today, Pastor Lisa preaches with a new fire. Her teaching inspires and challenges women to develop a strong relationship with God and their families.

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